God From My Coffee Cup

God From My Coffee Cup

God From My Coffee Cup 150 150 Sherry Schmied


A tired shuffle of old feet
a body bent by time and ache
I hold my mother in my eyes
She is softly singing some old hymn to herself in the kitchen
Dishes clinking in soft collision
She is so joyful in her song you sense she does not feel the labor
The labor of her chore, her body, or this life
I watch her over the brim of my coffee cup
Steam curling around my face, dreamlike
and I wonder
One day, when my daughter is the one
peering out over the safety of a coffee cup
will she see me
Withered by the winter but my heart in spring?


Sherry Schmied

Sherry is a Christian woman, a wife, and a Mom. She enjoys writing and photography in her spare time and works as an ESL tutor to Korean students over the internet. She lives in Chipley, Florida with her husband and their two year old daughter, Adilaina. Her husband, Austin, attends the Baptist College of Florida, where he is a student in the Missions and Aviation program and is working towards his calling of becoming a missionary pilot.

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