God’s Light Breaks Through

God’s Light Breaks Through

God’s Light Breaks Through 1920 1439 Gayl Wright

My heart is stubborn, weak and selfish,
in need of healing
I hold on to past hurts looking for
someone or something to blame
Discontentment reigns as I focus on
problems instead of solutions

Stress takes its toll causing
shoulder pain and stiffness
I long for a closer walk with God
yet I put off prayer time
A few words of Scripture read at night
are often easily forgotten

Why do I carry these burdens?
Where can I find peace and contentment?
Who can pierce the thickness of my heart?

God, with His Light of Truth
breaks through the gloom
as love like a rushing stream pours in
opening wide my heart
filling it with abundant mercy
forgiveness and healing

I loosen my grip relinquishing my hold
Stress levels decrease, my body relaxes
Chaos gradually gives way to peace and joy
Grace will sustain me wherever I go
My mouth overflows with praise to God
sharing His love in words, photos and art

Gayl Wright

Gayl Wright lives in a log home partly surrounded by woods in upstate South Carolina. She is a seeker of truth who looks for beauty in ordinary things. You may find her walking in the woods, sitting on the hillside or relaxing in the porch swing. Poet, amateur photographer, musician, and artist, she loves to use her talents to encourage others and glorify God. Mother of 7, grandmother of 14 and wife of Steve for 43 years and counting.

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