Healing The Wounded Inner Child

Healing The Wounded Inner Child

Healing The Wounded Inner Child 800 559 Catherine Lawton

You waited while I caught up with you,
child in me;
Till I could see what you could see
and set you free.
You waited with courage and watched with care
all while I groped
To live my life in need of us
but vague of hope.
Your impish ways allowed me glimpses,
a coaster ride;
I caught a laugh, a cry, a sigh,
but you played shy.
The saddened child would rise and I’d
be sick and crying.
Not to be held nor seen nor heard,
must feel like dying.
The needy child would seek attention
and want some more
Of what was offered to fill the void—
a shifty shore.
The frozen child who couldn’t move,
by terror stricken,
Had breathed the smoke and seen the flames
that raged and licked.
The visioning child would dream of safe,
delightful places,
To dance with elves and see the smiles
in flower faces.
The playful child came out with puppies,
a few friends and babies
Who didn’t stay but opened windows
on sunnier days.
The believing, trusting child heard the Word—
that rescued her.
She led the way for all the others
who needed Father/Mother.
I embrace you now; I see and hear
and treasure you.
Let’s hand-in-hand run free as one,
and live renewed.
“Unite my heart to revere your name,”*
O, Lord, I pray.
And “Lead us on a level path”**
from day to day.


*Psalm 86:11
**Psalm 143:10
Inspired by Janyne McConnaughey’s memoir of healing, BRAVE: A Personal Story of Healing Childhood Trauma

Catherine Lawton

Catherine (Cathy) Lawton has enjoyed producing written expression since she was a toddler scribbling in the margins of her preacher-father's theology books. From age 12 to the present she has written poems, articles, stories, books, and blogs--often for publication. In 1999 she founded Cladach Publishing, where, as publisher and editor she enjoys giving other authors opportunities to share their ideas, expertise, and stories with readers. Cathy's first love is poetry. The compiled poems of her life (so far) comprise a spiritual and emotional memoir of searching faith, sometimes faltering but constantly clinging to hope, while learning to love.

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