I Ordered A Coffee The Other Day

I Ordered A Coffee The Other Day

I Ordered A Coffee The Other Day 150 150 Kevin Peterson

Amongst crowds pushing forward with frantic needs
I ordered a coffee the other day
Tall caramel macchiato with an extra shot of espresso
Through the din simply spoken, fully expecting exact service
Not loud, not threatening, no anxiety just a simple smile and word

Is this how you spoke the world into being?
Whispering softly to your collective magnificent self?
Simply spoken, fully expecting your request to be filled?
Let there be light and snap, a switch is flicked and it was light
satisfying light

Saccharin platitudes of the soft bellied liberal
Harsh angry tones of the hardened conservative
Two masks on the same schizophrenic monkey
Vacillating between loud screams and quiet sobs
Masks of wisdom-hiding the lack of deep thought,

Is this how you spoke your plans to the pillars of faith?
Mealy mouthed words or screams at the top of your holy lungs?
From the tiny bush, around the familial meal, the quiet night vision
Father to favored child, friend speaks to close friend-
the communion happens-

Talking heads excitedly declare the news of the day
Small and great wrapped up neatly into pabulum sound-bites
Of equal size and weight, significant only if entertaining
Paris dances while wars rage, floodwaters rise and squirrels water-ski
The direction driven by base fear and simple pleasures

Is this the voice that surrounded the young girl in Judea?
You spoke gently, the spirit moved and the Word was made flesh
The Seed germinated in the soil of man to bring the healing fruit
The answer to all the questions that churn in the depth of our being
A tiny candle ignites a great darkness

Pulling at the flesh of a not-quite-living-existence, the dark vultures
Activity, Noise and Pleasure feed on what they can, ruin the rest
The air is stale the food is cold, the rooms filled with broken toys
Words fail to remedy, no longer distracting enough to fill even a shallow well
Nothing satisfies, nothing lasts through the night

Come gentle voice speak again as you have done so long ago
Whisper your perfect words in my inner ear that my soul longs to absorb
Plant the seeds of your living will in my heart and take deep root there
Let your desires overwhelm the chimpanzied screams of modern life
Speak your light again into being, into my being,
satisfying light


Kevin Peterson

Kevin Peterson is a former high school dropout and jail cook who now lives near Portland, Oregon with his wife of over 30 years. He is a skilled poet and graphic illustrator.

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