“Italy” – Photography

“Italy” – Photography

2220 2220 Heather Schrock
heather-schrockArtist: Heather Schrock
Location: Lebanon, Indiana
Medium: Photography + VSCO Cam





Heather Schrock

I was born in Colorado and raised on the high plains desert of western Wyoming. In my late teens my family moved, in quick succession, to Texas, Illinois, and finally, Indiana. I relied heavily on my habit of journaling and creative writing to ease the adjustment. In 2007 my husband gifted me my first DSLR camera and I immersed myself in the world of angles, light, composition, and storytelling through imagery. In 2013, I became acquainted with a wonderful group of creatives in Indianapolis through a seemingly innocuous phone app called Instagram. It was then that I began pushing the limit of an unlikely tool...my iPhone! I have discovered my phone is a remarkably agile and easy companion no matter my location. My favorite moments to capture are those that seem quite ordinary, but can be made engaging by changing perspective and using a playful imagination.

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