“Sermon Sketches” – Illustrations

“Sermon Sketches” – Illustrations

2011 1039 Janna Kalima
janna-kalimaArtist: Janna Kalima
Location: Manhattan Beach, California
Medium: Illustrations






Janna Kalima

Janna Kalima's journey into Sermon Sketches began in 2004 when an inspiration from the study of God's Word during a Bible Study prompted her to capture images and words into illustration. 'DÉTOUR', aptly named in reference to her journey from being a missionary photographer to an illustrator, symbolizes her battle with quadrantanopia, the loss of vision in her 'photo eye' that stemmed from an unexpected health crisis. Through this battle Janna learned that God's plan, as it always is, is grander than expected — Sermon Sketches became a forefront tool for ministry and outreach for missions as God began opening opportunities through her sketches.

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