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September 10, 2016

Joshua Micah, an LA transplant from the northeast, is a bit of an enigma. In 2014, he released ‘We’re In Heaven’, a single that was a big hit in the social pop scene. He’s finally back with ‘Parachute’, a brand new track that is set to redefine how the world thinks of ‘Christian’ pop. ‘Parachute’ has massive crossover appeal. It’s insanely catchy, heartfelt, soulful, and is a totally fresh sound in beat, instrumentation, and melody. Check it out. Support him and buy the track. And join his massive social media fan group.

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with Joshua Micah


AW: You moved out to LA from Connecticut, a bold move for a Christian artist. What challenges did you face when you got there? Did these challenges affect your faith at all?

JM: I moved to Los Angeles from Connecticut. Finding an apartment with my two friends was pretty tough. Los Angeles is an exciting city. I think a lot of people have a bad perception about the place, but it has been very good to me. I’ve made some really great friends here.

AW: ‘Parachute’ is an incredibly original sound, from beat to melody. Take me through your process in writing it…what was your biggest inspiration?

JM: Thank you! I wrote and recorded “Parachute” with two of my closest friends here in LA, they are a songwriting/production group that go by the name Hatch. The song started as a piano chord progression that I made really late one night in my apartment. We’re talking like 2 or 3 AM.. these tend to be the hours that I write music lately for some reason. We actually had started about 2 or 3 different songs and didn’t feel like any of them captured the sound we were ultimately trying to create. “Parachute” took about 2 months to write. We were writing it in the studio, but there were occasions where Josh (from Hatch) and I would be humming a part, driving on the way to church and a lyric would just pop into one of our heads, followed by a “DUDE, YES!” Lol. This song is about trusting someone with your life. From my perspective, that person is God, as I’m learning to trust him fully with my dreams. It’s about talking a leap of faith and knowing that someone has your back no matter what happens. Musically, we just wanted to create something that we would enjoy listening to. I feel like there is a lot of room in the Christian Pop genre to experiment and push boundaries sonically.

AW: – ‘Parachute’ has huge crossover appeal — it’s Christian without being overt — what impact do you hope the song has on both the Christian and secular markets?

JM: Overall, I just want people to hear “Parachute” and feel some kind of emotion. I hope it brings the listener to appreciate the close relationships they have in their life.

AW: Do you have plans to release this track on an upcoming EP or LP?

JM: Definitely. I am already working on a follow up song with the guys. I think it would be cool to do a 4 or 5 song EP.

AW: You have a huge social media following — the kind one only gets when they are awesome to their fans. What is one thing that most of your fans don’t know about you — something that might surprise them?

JM: Thanks! They have always been super supportive. I eat a lot of cereal. I usually have cereal for breakfast, then again at like 1 AM when I’m making music. I need a cereal sponsorship or something!

(Lucky for Josh, we’re located about twenty miles from the Kellogg Headquarters.)