Just the Other Day

Just the Other Day

Just the Other Day 1920 1280 Ogaga Eruteya

Just the other day,
As I strolled down the walkway
Seeing the multitude on the highway
My thoughts went to Christ, the Way
Who came to put us in Heavens way

Yes, I thought about creation day
How God made us in His own way
Yet gave us a leeway
Which we foolishly gave away
Still he opened wide the escape way

I think of what he does everyday
In everything, showing us the way
Leading us on the shown way
Staying by us on the same way
And giving us grace through the way

The care he shows to me everyday
I thought, as I ambled down the passageway
Can I forget in anyway?
I’ll rather praise Him everyway
And thank Him whichever way

Be it on a good day
When everything is going my way
Or when troubles come by the way
I’ll recall His words on the walkway
And lean on them all the way


Ogaga Eruteya

Ogaga is a writer and poet. He is the author of Cistern Of Treasures, a collection of reflective poems, and the first in his "poetry everyone can relate with" series. His work has appeared in indigenous magazines, The Bridge and the Ladder; on websites, sundaygist.com, faithwriters.com, winsalasmuses.com, and in Purpose magazine. He resides in Oyo Oyo, Nigeria.

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