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i. Heloise to Abelard

Your cold ashes need then fear nothing.”

And in the dark heave
of the sacring bells
is a longing
as faint as the fall
of nocturnal birds to the bleak
sprawl of seas
where they quarter
as a rush of winter
leaves in the salt-weed
seam of tide – asleep
so soon, my love?
Each strand of your hair
unmoored like
the long-winged gulls
that edge the cold dawn
saltwater – sea coins
for eyes, the nickel silver sea
upturned over the
drag of your blue,
bruised mouth
where brittle spines
of shell mass under your
fingers and fall –
to the black-gallow tide.



Davina Allison

Davina Allison's poems have been published in numerous literary and online journals in Australia, America, and the UK, including The Australian Poetry Journal, Poetry Scotland, The Lampeter Review, ABC Religion & Ethics, And Other Poems, Eureka Street, Ruminate, Dappled Things, Eremos, Faith and Theology, and The Glasgow Review Of Books. Her poem "Mary In The Desert" was shortlisted for the 2012 Janet McCabe poetry prize.

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