This is the ALTARWORK copyright/privacy policy/terms and conditions statement.

It’s pretty simple.

For reference, anything listed in the first person in this statement refers to ALTARWORK as an entity. Any reference to ‘contributor’ includes anyone who submits content or has content featured on Any reference to ‘user’ refers to anyone who views content in any capacity on


All contributors assume responsibility for their content. All submissions must be original, and we cannot be held responsible in any case of plagiarism or copyright infringement. If anything is ever reported as plagiarized or infringed, the content in question will be investigated and, if found to be fraudulent, will be removed. All contributors must own the copyright to their material. We publish both unpublished and previously published material, so long as contributors, not external entities, own the copyright. We reserve ONE-TIME rights to publish any content submitted to us. Contributors may submit material published on elsewhere, so long as the content can remain on indefinitely. We do not own your material. You do. That’s it.


What users CAN do:

  • View content
  • Share content on social media via share buttons
  • Interact with each other via comment sections

What users CANNOT do:

  • Download any image or video that does not have a ‘download’ button attached to it. All of the awesome visuals belong to their rightful owners. Don’t take them without permission.
  • Copy written content for any commercial purpose
  • Copy any content for use other than sharing on social media with appropriate representation (i.e. denoting and linking to

If you want to use any content for any other purpose, just email us at and tell us what you want to use it for. We’re nice. Chances are we’ll give you permission.

That’s it. Be smart.