Look At Me!

Look At Me!

Look At Me! 150 150 Catherine Lawton

“Look at me, Cathy.”
Downcast, ashamed, I
shrank from seeing my
father’s disappointment,
his sadness, maybe anger.

I was little; he was big.
I was guilty; he was right.
I was fearful; he was waiting;
I was stubborn; he persuaded.

“Look at me, Cathy.”
The Father calls and waits.
I react in shame, avert my
eyes, not wanting to see
disappointment in His.

But He’s persuasive, and
I’m learning to turn,
to trust those eyes
of Love …


Catherine Lawton’s poetry collection, Remembering Softly: A Life In Poems is available through Amazon and Cladach Publishing.


Catherine Lawton

Catherine (Cathy) Lawton has enjoyed producing written expression since she was a toddler scribbling in the margins of her preacher-father's theology books. From age 12 to the present she has written poems, articles, stories, books, and blogs--often for publication. In 1999 she founded Cladach Publishing, where, as publisher and editor she enjoys giving other authors opportunities to share their ideas, expertise, and stories with readers. Cathy's first love is poetry. The compiled poems of her life (so far) comprise a spiritual and emotional memoir of searching faith, sometimes faltering but constantly clinging to hope, while learning to love.

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