Midlife Harvest

Midlife Harvest

Midlife Harvest 150 150 Kevin Peterson

I have experienced many places in life
Times of plenty, times of want
Rock hard labor, kitten soft rest

Days of tearing down and tearing up
Times of green peace near a raging stream
Friends have passed and grandchildren born

I’ve watched seeds sprout and trees fall
Long deep furrows dug in rocky soil
My hand has touched many a plow

Life cycles amazing feast with acute famine
Money rolls as stocks gained heights unseen
Chaos strolls, taking air from inflated houses

I have known times both good and bad
Banquets laid out then tables laid bare
Nothing ever endures the Harpies of life

From where does my joy come?
Does it come from the hills of commerce?
Does it arrive from the high places of ego?

Is solace found in expanding comforts?
Pleasure in pursuit of eternal adolescence?
Ancient dances around a weather worn pole?

Clinging to the Branch in sun and storm
Rest and plenty course the eternal vine
Nothing remains but the presence of God

Kevin Peterson

Kevin Peterson is a former high school dropout and jail cook who now lives near Portland, Oregon with his wife of over 30 years. He is a skilled poet and graphic illustrator.

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