Break These Walls Down

Break These Walls Down

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2015 / 10 Tracks / 42 minutes
“Break These Walls Down”, Mitch Langley’s third album, is a modern praise album that fits comfortably on Christian radio and in worship services. It is contemporary but never cliche; emotionally stirring without ever being overdramatic. Mitch penned eight of the ten tracks (the eight best), and his songwriting and musicianship shines brightly throughout the album. The two covers – “In Christ Alone” and Phil Wickham’s “This Is Amazing Grace” – are no slouches, either. “In Christ Alone” is stripped bare and humble. “This Is Amazing Grace” is played in a key or two higher than the original, and while not as dynamic, fits within the sound of the rest of the album quite well. So what does this mean? The rest of the album – and the album as a whole – is excellent. Sparkling guitars, catchy choruses, and raw emotion abound, “Break These Walls Down” is a breakout album from a quickly rising star.
Mitch Langley’s approach to this album is what makes it stand out in a crowd. Much of modern Christian radio is over the top. Stock sounds, bland melodies, and the reliance on a over-pressed message. On “Break These Walls Down”, Mitch Langley channels the things we love about worship music – melody, lyrics, emotion – in such ways that make it real. The lyrics are straightforward, but they are honest and humble. The melodies are surely catchy – see “When I First Believed” and “Grace Oh Grace” – but they’re naturally catchy. There’s a distinct rhythm to the album. Whether the pounding drums of “No One Like Our God” and “Power In The Name” or the tenderness of the title track and “My Hope Lies In You”, it all just fits. The musicianship is top notch. The vocals crystal clear. The heart a thunderous beat. At one point Mitch repeats, with honest vigor, “I want to be revolutionary”. If he continues on this path, I think he just might.
Review by Jason Ramsey


Mitch Langley

Mitch has been singing, worship leading, and songwriting for over 11 years now. He came to Christ on the campus of The University of Kansas in 2001 and that is where he started his musical journey. Mitch has led worship on mission fields, in churches, coffee shops, and on the streets. Since then, Mitch has released three full-length records and ventured out to Nashville this past summer to work on his latest project “Grace Defines Me”. With the help of local producer Brian Hitt and mixing engineer Ainslie Grosser, Mitch came back with a 10 song record that was just released in September! Mitch’s goal is to continue to reach out with his music at whatever capacity he can.

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