Morning Liturgy

Morning Liturgy

Morning Liturgy 150 150 Daniel Baker

Good morning again,​
child of God.​
Belov’d of the Father,​
as in the Son.​
Wholly lived in holy hope,​
weariness undone.​
Unfinished, re-created,​
crushed, crashed-crimson,​
affliction abated.​
Sustained assuagement,​
inspirited allayment,​
trust-sown: persuaded.​
wreck-ready yet washed​
in dawn’s drawn animation.​

Good morning, good morning.​
Let light lay large upon your face.​
May failure focus the works​
of your hands-feet-heart-mind.​
Little children, dear friends,​
the last hour is here.​
Escape the choke-hold of night.​
Hold fast terminal healing,​
cling to love incomprehensible and unyielding.​
Lowly transcendence,​
sordid modesty,​
redeemed incitement​
of radiant coronation.​

Consecrated illumination!​
Sanctified sunrise in​
abject approbation!​
Daybreak fulfills​
twilight’s renunciation.​
Silent lands baptised in gold.​

Forebear sleep, rise up, stay woke.​
Good morning, again.


Daniel Baker

Dan Baker was born in the 70s in rural Wisconsin but now he writes, does digital marketing and lives with his family in Milwaukee.

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