Spoken Word Poetry

All Prodigal Daughters And Sons

All Prodigal Daughters And Sons 1686 1530 Emily Joy

A LANDMARK VOICE OF FAITH AND LOVE Emily Joy All Prodigal Daughters And Sons 2015 / 10 Tracks / 30 minutes The pragmatic dogmas of modern Christianity have the tendency…

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Let No Stone

Let No Stone 1600 1215 Don McCaleb

  Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty The whole Earth is full of his glory. I don’t want to fake it. If it’s about song, I don’t want…

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Inspired By Tragedy

Inspired By Tragedy 150 150 Boy Once Blind

A Subtle Voice In The Midst Of Chaos Boy Once Blind Inspired By Tragedy 2015 / 10 Tracks / 18 minutes Spoken word poetry is the red-headed stepchild of traditional…

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Jesus Was A Feminist

Jesus Was A Feminist 150 150 Robin Merrill

How To Love The Sinner & Hate The Sin

How To Love The Sinner & Hate The Sin 1280 720 Emily Joy

  How to Love the Sinner and Hate the Sin 5 Easy Steps  1. Make sure the sinner knows how you feel about their lifestyle choices. Silence is considered tacit approval. Seize every opportunity to remind them your god…

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Cantab Poetry Slam

Cantab Poetry Slam 150 150 Robin Merrill


Beloved 150 150 Emily Joy

In The Shade Of The Tree

In The Shade Of The Tree 150 150 Don McCaleb

In the shade of the tree, a man hung his head. Together they tried to paint a still life, but she picked the fruit and they peeled back the skin.…

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Apology To A Caged Bird

Apology To A Caged Bird 150 150 Don McCaleb

Test.  One two. Three four. This is more than just words expressed into a microphone. This is life and death as metaphor and poem. This is my heart pressed against…

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Stuff 150 150 Don McCaleb

I got stuff. Good stuff.  Happy stuff. Successful, sensational, recreational, relaxational stuff. And you can’t take my stuff. My stuff is the needle that drops to the vinyl to start…

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