“Revelation Series” – Paintings

“Revelation Series” – Paintings

1941 973 Peter Olsen

peter-olsenArtist Peter Olsen has shared his vision of every verse in the Book Of Revelation in various mediums, Here, he uses his favorite medium, oil, to paint incredible visual interpretations. These paintings are just extraordinary upon close inspection: detail, depth of field, dimension, color, vision. stunning detail in sharp contrast. Below are 40 of over 400 verse by verse illustrations that span the entire Book Of Revelation.

A NOTE ON OIL—”Absolutely my favorite medium. When I began working with oils at the Academy, I felt a new world had burst forth! Some artists move away from oils because of its slow drying time, and if time is critical I understand. However, oil is superior for blending, light, shadow, depth, and durability as well as its long lasting, rich luminous color. I consider the slow drying time a blessing when adjustments are needed. For example: I definitely needed that drying time while working on the polyptych “The Narthex” which is five canvasses—over 20 feet— on the 24 verses of Revelation Chapter 18. (Note this painting was done entirely with one shot oil enamel) Overall, the majority of my Revelation Series paintings collection are in oil.” — Peter Olsen


Peter Olsen

It all began with a book….and within that book a passage that would change the heart, life, and career of Artist Peter Olsen. Born, raised, and educated in New York City, Peter Olsen was part of an amazing family whose faith was their cornerstone. His parents prayed that each of their three children would be involved in teaching and ministry – and amazingly, all three are. Peter’s ability to draw became evident at an early age, and as a young child often accompanied his painter/decorator father to jobs. He entered a private art academy at 15 for a classical art education that included drawing, painting in all mediums, and sculpting. He simultaneously garnered private commissions for paintings and murals, and at 18, he sold a sculpture at the Brooklyn Museum. Even though the New York City art scene in SOHO and Greenwich Village was an exciting place for new artists, he decided to relocate. To escape the finger-numbing cold winters of New York, he chose the palm tree paradise of South Florida and quickly began commissions for murals and paintings. This classically trained artist may have thought his art path was set, but in 1974 the narrative of a book from a family friend infused his imagination with a new-found clarity and passion. Peter rededicated his life and talent to God and since has developed a privately held collection of over 1,000 artworks based on the narrative and themes of the Old and New Testament. The collection includes large and medium size paintings in oil, mixed media, acrylic, works in wood, pen and ink illustrations. His projects include ‘The Revelation Series’, ‘Healings’, ‘The Book of Revelation Illustrated’, ‘Women of Biblical History Illustrated’, ‘The Minor Prophets’, ‘The Tribes of Israel’, ‘The Patriarchs’, and selected individual works. For the past 40 years, his art has been featured in magazines and newspapers, viewed on Christian programming via television and satellite, exhibited in museums, churches, schools, and universities, and used by pastors and professors around the world as a visual teaching tool. He also teaches art to children through adult in his studio as well as at a private Christian school. Many of his past and present students are now working artists, but they always find time to stop in for a visit. Peter Olsen is an artist, sculptor, and educator but above all he is a man of faith, and that faith inspires him to create art that edifies and glorifies God and encourages others to study His word.

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