Pleas(e) 150 150 Julia Putzke

Love broke through
the valley–all closed
doors swung wide to
my portion & my strength;
Oh Jesus, you are here!
Please never let your smile
leave me sunk in this place,
for I have withered & songs
of deliverance hesitantly leave
my lips. Love never fails, you whisper to me & I know the
only hope I’ve had is you. To
take my broken & create something surpassing shame,
as sure as the sun rises you never
forget my name, the promise you made: I will restore all the locusts
have eaten. The night song I sing always leads to day, I am the dawn; marvelous light never
walking away.

& still I plead:
Lord, I want to be


Julia Putzke

Julia Putzke lives in Georgia. Her view on life may be sideways to some, quiet and contemplative even, but it may something to do with staring at the sky for long periods of time. She also loves life talks and Chai tea. You can find her writing poems every Friday on her blog,, along with occasional book reviews. She has one book of poetry, He Bled, My End, which you can find on Lulu.

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