Pondering Troubled Waters

Pondering Troubled Waters

Pondering Troubled Waters 150 150 Kevin Peterson

Mark 13

Were your words meant for only those of previous days
Days where the listeners would feel their weight and cost
Costs so great in internal terror and external loss
Loss of social order, familial norms and ancient lands
Lands of plenty, fields of grain and flowing with wine

Were your words intended for vacuous scholarly debate
Debate on the words, Roman history and cosmic events
Events that already happened or may or might again
Again were your words fantastic whispers or solid screams
Screams of a siren calling for us to move before the Tsunami

Were your words intended for my generation to ponder
Ponder the value of daily toils and royal quality spoils
Spoils gathered from other’s fields, exploited foreign hands
Hands lifting, dragging and erecting the large temple stones
Stones set to express our great splendor and godlikeness

Were your words intended to express your Father’s desire
Desire to warn us of the impending disasters and troubles
Troubles that would cause us to quake, cause us to fall
Fall back on our own rocks of security, things that will fail
Fail to keep us safe and only cause us to linger too long

Kevin Peterson

Kevin Peterson is a former high school dropout and jail cook who now lives near Portland, Oregon with his wife of over 30 years. He is a skilled poet and graphic illustrator.

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