Prayer Of The Man Without Sight

Prayer Of The Man Without Sight

Prayer Of The Man Without Sight 150 150 Robert Alan Rife

So it is now to be, Lord,
that penance brings with it her own harder penance;
riddled throughout with pain, sweetly nuanced
with character like wine, red and melancholy and ripe?
Forsworn am I from joy so privily gotten
that, nestled deep in shallow places,
this hollowed out heart hallway, designed for
good and light and sweet,
lies overwrought, undone.
Paint has pealed from walls of these plastered eyes
inured to seeing what not to see.
I wish eyes and heart were unconnected.
For then, might I see.

Lord, tear out seeing eyes and replace them with blind
if only to remind me of what it was to see;

and then, blindly, to rejoice.


Robert Alan Rife

My friends think me complicated. My employer thinks me talented but at times, troublesome. God, and my wife see me as I am - a philosopher-poet with a rather circuitous journey of life and faith, the music and worship minister at Yakima Covenant Church, a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, poet and writer. I am a graduate from Spring Arbor University with an M.A. in Spiritual Formation and Leadership. These poems, and my life, are dedicated to those places where life, liturgy, theology and the arts intersect with and promote spiritual formation – who we are becoming. Join me on this journey to word-land. Maybe we'll find each other there and share a story or two.

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