rainy night

rainy night

rainy night 150 150 Diana Meakem

On this rainy night, I stepped outside to feel the moisture of the air on my skin. I went outside partly to write a poem, but also because rain inspires me. I love its sound. Water and I have had an affair as long as I can remember—within its flow, something earthy, elemental & inherently comforting comes quietly. Tonight I stood out under the eves so I could feel the water falling all around me but not touching me. The rocks beside me shone, and I felt everything within me settle down into the core I forgot during the chaos of the day, and all the water around me became everything I’ve been trying, all day, to feel and not to feel at the same time.

Diana Meakem

My work has been published online at reliefjournal.com,taylorhonorsguild.com, and theechonews.com.That’s all stuff you could read on my resume, though. I love traveling, music, and working with children. My favorite color is blue, and I would always, always choose the sea. If I could, I would spend all day outside staring at the sky with a cup of coffee and a novel at arm’s length. I might even let you come with me.

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