Raise Your Hope

Raise Your Hope

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Raise your Words. Raise your hope. RAISE your WORSHIP. You who know Christ, stop. Cease striving. Stop trying to use shame and blame to change people. It’s not working and it will never work. Been there, done that. I’m done. I want for us to do everything from a place of love, but this takes work. I know it begins with me, and it begins with you.

Ask the Holy Spirit what’s really going on.
Ask for wisdom.
Seek God.
Sing at the top of your lungs.
Worship is our Warfare.

The conviction of God is strong in my heart, and His intent is that His kindness lead me to repentance – to change my mind. It’s changing. I’m changing. This has not always been easy, but I’m trusting that God is doing a good work in me even when it means the unraveling of my preconceived notions, political leanings, beliefs, and anything else that is out of step with His goodness, plan, and purpose. Friends, I’m telling you, God desires us to be in right relationship with Him and one another. Love God. Love people. Do good work.This is all He asks – and that we believe. I want to love Him, love people, and do good work. It is a choice I have to make. It is a choice I must act on. It is my part and responsibility to show up and allow God to work in and through me no matter what the noise of the world says or does. Beloved, raise your words in worship. Raise your hearts in love. Raise your actions into kindness. Raise your hope into change that makes a difference. For such a time as this, is your steadfastness needed. Rise up and be the a love-light.

May we be discerning to see things for how they really are (the way God does) and engage in faith not fear. May we see with love, operate from love, and be compelled by love. Let us not lose our minds when we witness the unraveling, but rather let us pray, interceding for healing and restoration. This is sacred work to reconcile one with another, but it’s worth it. God is after each of us – to reconcile us. God has much love for us. I think about the vile, wretchedness once found in my own heart and how God STILL chose me, chose to pursue me, chose to LOVE me despite my bent toward sin and wickedness. Because of Christ, I’ve been made new. Because of Christ working in me, I’ve been empowered to live His gospel without fear and with boldness. This is the Gospel, that we can be free, redeemed, and set free. This is what our world needs to see and experience now more than ever… that GOD pursues us in love with a fierce relentlessness, and He calls us to join in Him in the work. He knows fully well what motivates the heart of man, and yet He pursues us.

Look with new eyes, beloved, and ask God what is He up to. Ask Him what He wants you to do. I’m asking Him. I can’t act like I don’t already know to what do because He already told me. The Word of God is replete with how we are called to engage and act in faith. Micah reminds us “No, O people, the LORD has told you what is good, and this is what he requires of you: to do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God” (Micah 6:8). If you have ears to hear, please listen. May it be said of us that we sought the Lord with everything we had, that we fought the good fight of faith despite all the naysaying around us, that we held on to truth no matter how twisted the lies, and that we went when high when everyone else went low.

You, child of God, are called to do good works. Let us show them all His love be doing those good works in our right-now lives and spheres of influence. You may not be able to do much, but I believe the little you begin to do will begin to multiply and make an impact. I believe God is waiting on us to show up and engage in doing the work. I encourage you brothers and sisters to hold on to faith, hope, and love. Leave the judging to God and trust that He knows fully well what He is doing.

May God bless your hands that they might be steady and anointed for this reconciliation work. May God steady your knees when fear tries to take you out. May God embolden you to speak with truth and authority in ways that draw people near to Him. May He grant you favor to be heard. May your words drip with love that does not judge. May your hope light a fire and burn up despair. Go with the peace of God. Now raise your words, build bridges, and be a light. We need you.

Let’s speak life into the lifeless things that need to be revived. What truth do you need to affirm over your life today? Today I encourage your to be affirming in this season of change, transition, concern, and all other sorts of emotions – to be a voice of hope. Raise your HOPE.

Let’s be dealers and agents of hope – people who practice life giving hope even in the dark and unsettled places.

Let’s throw off dishonor, judgment, hypercriticalness and anything else that destroys charity and reconciliation. Let’s choose to see the worth and value in ourselves, love our selves, and do the same for others. It matters.

(Originally published at marviadavidson.com. Reprinted with premission.)


Marvia Davidson

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