Recognition 150 150 Rosanne Osborne

The cupped hand raises itself 

to the waiting lips, 
certain of the gift given, 
the water to be received. 
Self meeting self in communion 
of revelation and Spirit. 
Duplicity is laid aside in favor 
of the transparent glass, 
the know-as-known reality. 
Oh, drink deeply this cool water, 
savor the natural Eucharist 
only the woman of the well knows. 
Drink the water that passed between 
the stranger and the world 
weary woman hesitating on the lip 
of grace. Swallow the drops 
from the deep well of recognition. 

Rosanne Osborne

An English professor, Methodist pastor, clarinetist, and poet, Rosanne Osborne holds the Ph.D. in English from the University of Alabama, the MFA from Spalding University, and the M.R.E. and MDiv from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. She grew up in Missouri but has lived most of her adult life in Louisiana. Her work has appeared in Tar River Poetry, Alabama Review, Christian Century, Ruminate, Thema, Penwood Review, and The Village Pariah.

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