Revelation 150 150 Jody Lee Collins

Gather in
your soul skin like
folds of a silken skirt.
Held close, fisted tight,
loosen it in time
while you eye the warp
and weft of fine
threads—each a strand
of the cloth encompassed
about you.
Unfurl at your choosing
as the Weaver beckons,
revealing bolts opulent
as pearl, iridescent,
multi-colored. Circling
your frame, the garment
sways as you dance
to the music strummed
for those who swirl
the world in silken skirts.


Jody Lee Collins

Jody has known Jesus since she was 19 and got dragged by a friend to Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, California, back in the 70's during the Jesus Movement. She and her husband have been married over 40 years and currently live near Seattle where they worship at this Foursquare Church. She often serves in Women’s Ministry and on the church worship team; “singing is like breathing for me.” The past 25 years Jody was an Elementary teacher in private and public schools and enjoyed the opportunity she had to pour life into other people’s children. When she’s not at her desk reading and writing (Passion #1), you'll find her out in the garden (Passion #2), weeding and worshiping in her other happy place.

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