Social Network Resolutions

Social Network Resolutions

Social Network Resolutions 150 150 Amanda N. Butler

To bring my #nofilter selfie
to His feet.

To stop tracking my likes
and instead forgive without count.

To refrain from posting a #humblebrag
and instead choose the status of humility.

To compare my newsfeed
to the News that should be shared.

To love enemies
instead of tallying friends.

To focus less on the followers I have
and more on Who I follow.

To be caught not in a network,
but as a fish caught in a Net.


Amanda N. Butler

Amanda N. Butler has loved writing ever since she learned that sentences could be split to form poems. Amanda writes fiction and poetry. Born in Connecticut and raised in Massachusetts, she now resides in Florida. Amanda holds a BA in Professional Writing and is currently working toward her MBA. Her first chapbook, Tableau Vivant, was released by Dancing Girl Press. Her poetry has also been published in Sandhill Review and A Celebration of Young Poets.

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