Sonnet For My Goddaughter

Sonnet For My Goddaughter

Sonnet For My Goddaughter 150 150 Amanda N. Butler

Holding your new form, resting in arm’s niche,
in that moment, forever devoted –
the Lord, sewing us in a blanket stitch –
I vow to shield from evil revolted.
Your eyes cradle a world of innocence,
mountains watch lambs drinking at the river –
a candle reflects your land’s genesis,
I vow to trace as your cartographer.
Multitudes may your valleys be given,
and may your skies fill with wisdom bestowed:
honey from dawn-light and dew from heaven,
I vow to guide the way on winding roads.
My duty He has chosen to appoint –
the songs of doves hum from oil’s anoint.


Amanda N. Butler

Amanda N. Butler has loved writing ever since she learned that sentences could be split to form poems. Amanda writes fiction and poetry. Born in Connecticut and raised in Massachusetts, she now resides in Florida. Amanda holds a BA in Professional Writing and is currently working toward her MBA. Her first chapbook, Tableau Vivant, was released by Dancing Girl Press. Her poetry has also been published in Sandhill Review and A Celebration of Young Poets.

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