Swept Clean

Swept Clean

Swept Clean 150 150 Kevin Peterson

Reference: Matt 12:22-50; Luke 11

What are you saying when you talk of houses swept clean?
Of strong men tied and prepared for home invasion?
Throw in a smattering of talk about of sins unforgivable
A bit about grieving of the Holy Spirit?

Then the seven unclean spirits, it makes my head spin.
What should be made of him who would not give friendship bread
but would grant it to get rid of the pest at his window?
The father who won’t reward his son with a stone or scorpion?

How to pray, houses divided, signs of Jonah, knocks at the door
followed by cleaning cups and dishes full of dark corruption.
Mary and family stand outside, while the priests set up tombs
Blessed are those who hear and do……

These bits of stories, scolding and parable oft told in separation
but are they part of the whole plan, the pattern of heaven’s gates?
Had they gone through the motions of sweeping dust-bunnies
Only for the winds to in-blow clouds of disaster?

Attributing the true healing to the workings of the dark spirit
while white washing the leprosy that was eating their flesh?
Voices rise from martyrs graves, calling to empty ears
Blessed are those who hear and do……

Kevin Peterson

Kevin Peterson is a former high school dropout and jail cook who now lives near Portland, Oregon with his wife of over 30 years. He is a skilled poet and graphic illustrator.

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