All There Is Is Everything

All There Is Is Everything 1920 1280 Patrick Connors

Beautiful vision, born of barren Earth Can’t really sense how we don’t understand Until seasons in time when we’re not blind Won’t see all You said all along is true…

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All Prodigal Daughters And Sons

All Prodigal Daughters And Sons 1686 1530 Emily Joy

A LANDMARK VOICE OF FAITH AND LOVE Emily Joy All Prodigal Daughters And Sons 2015 / 10 Tracks / 30 minutes The pragmatic dogmas of modern Christianity have the tendency…

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Faith and Friction in Munich

Faith and Friction in Munich 1920 1279 Whitney Frahm

Once upon a time in Munich, the locals wanted to build a cathedral, but money was tight. So an architect named Jorg von Halsbach made a deal with the Devil,…

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The Sky’s Not The Limit

The Sky’s Not The Limit 1920 1280 Karen Friday

“Oh, Mommy look! What a boot-ful sky.” The sky’s mesmerized me since I was a little girl. My mother conveys how I noticed beauty as a child—when I looked up.…

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The Change

The Change 1920 1275 Stacey Louiso

  How glorious it feels to experience Your artistry; at every glimpse, inspired by the colors of your palette. Trees and communities awash in vibrancy; it’s amazing how You draw…

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Pursuit Of Beauty

Pursuit Of Beauty 1646 1097 Carole Sparks

I’ve never met a follower of Christ who didn’t enjoy a beautiful sunset, a mountain vista (especially in autumn!), or a fresh flower glossed with dew. God is, without doubt,…

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I want to be more like Jesus but you’re getting on my nerves

I want to be more like Jesus but you’re getting on my nerves 1500 1001 JJ Landis

I really just wanted time to read and drink my coffee before my day began. Morning is the time of day where I am most creative and thoughtful; and every…

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The Great Divide

The Great Divide 2423 1731 Michael Thompson

It’s a memory as fresh as yesterday, even though I have made more than forty laps around the sun since then. The scope and scale of what I saw were enormous.…

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Hidden Beauty

Hidden Beauty 1920 1285 Michael Thompson

Sticks. That’s really all they were. Whether unused lumber from a construction site or broken branches from a tree, they were discarded scraps of wood deemed unfit for use. Nothing but waste. Refuse. Junk. Fuel to…

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Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks 1920 1280 Michael Thompson

Stretch marks. They are the bane of so many women…more precisely, so many moms. Tiny scars that form because a body is being radically reshaped to make room to bring…

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The Porch Swing

The Porch Swing 1920 1440 Michael Thompson

The Celts called them “thin spaces”…natural settings that intersect spiritual openings and create eternal moments. In the fast-paced frenzy of life as we know it, such moments seem fewer and…

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