bible study

What Big Eyes You Have

What Big Eyes You Have 150 150 Karen Friday

This is for you.   The teen girl who feels invisible. A mom surrounded by loneliness. The woman who wonders if anyone cares. That man struggling with meaning. Those touched by…

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Eaten Alive

Eaten Alive 150 150 Patty Schell

Jonah is a story for our times. More than the story of Big Fish Eats Man you learned as a child, this tale has less to do with the fish,…

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Five Types Of Christians God Won’t Use

Five Types Of Christians God Won’t Use 150 150 Beckie Lindsey

It’s been over twenty years since I prayed this prayer: “Lord, take all of my life and use me however you choose.” Then I gulped, closed my eyes tightly and held my…

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Provision And Suffering

Provision And Suffering 150 150 Gail Davis

1 Peter 4:12-14 and Luke 12:15 and James 4 What thoughts do we give to our needs? We need clothes. We need food. We need a place to lay our…

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