A Wednesday Examen

A Wednesday Examen 1920 1080 Robert Alan Rife

Glance, and I will escape you. Look, and I will show you. Behold, and I will move you. Observe, and I will educate you. See, and I will change you.…

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A Change Of Season

A Change Of Season 1920 1664 Stacey Louiso

  As I sit soaking in Your creation, the base of a wise tree before me, preparing… for a change of season. Singular leaves fall, quietly. Slowly drifting downward from…

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The Change

The Change 1920 1275 Stacey Louiso

  How glorious it feels to experience Your artistry; at every glimpse, inspired by the colors of your palette. Trees and communities awash in vibrancy; it’s amazing how You draw…

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Who Are You?

Who Are You? 2000 1335 Becky Hastings

Who do you think you are? The voice whispers condescending in my ear. I know why it was a snake in the garden. It’s something about the hiss. My answer…

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The Dignity Of Humility

The Dignity Of Humility 1920 1203 Michael Thompson

Arrogance seldom has as good a platform to strut its obnoxious nature as during political seasons. The current one might well take the cake. A mind-numbing glut of information has…

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What if we resolved to quit trying to change?

What if we resolved to quit trying to change? 1280 850 JJ Landis

Call me a curmudgeon, but I don’t always enjoy New Year’s Eve. I can stay up until midnight with the best of them, but when it’s obligatory, I feel my…

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The Great Divide

The Great Divide 2423 1731 Michael Thompson

It’s a memory as fresh as yesterday, even though I have made more than forty laps around the sun since then. The scope and scale of what I saw were enormous.…

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Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks 1920 1280 Michael Thompson

Stretch marks. They are the bane of so many women…more precisely, so many moms. Tiny scars that form because a body is being radically reshaped to make room to bring…

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