When Evil Walks In

When Evil Walks In 1920 1440 Laura LaSpalutto

“Idon’t want you to alarm you …” Tell me, is it possible to hear those words and not be alarmed? The pastor of the church where I would be preaching…

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When We Were On Fire Again – A Post Resurrection Lament

When We Were On Fire Again – A Post Resurrection Lament 2000 1333 Aaron J. Smith

We used to burn so brightly. There was something beautiful about our passion, our fire. I glowed and flickered, raged and shone brightly. We were the future, pastors, worship leaders,…

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The Halls

The Halls 1920 1280 Jason Ramsey

These are halls where souls go to die. Where agony parlays grief and fluorescent beams shock minds into submission. Where clamoring “it is finished” reverberates against concrete walls and rings…

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Witness 1920 1276 Mary Sayler

  When Jesus walks through the walls of our homes or appears on the other side of an arrangement of atoms assembled as stone walls in a prison or walks…

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The Servant’s Ear

The Servant’s Ear 1920 1276 Aidan Rogers

One of the greatest tragedies of our time is the number of persons who have been severely wounded by the church, by us, who are not given the opportunity to…

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Are We Playing Church?

Are We Playing Church? 1920 1079 Becky Hastings

There are two versions of me. I walk up to those big double doors on a Sunday morning and suddenly, I change. I push down all those things that I’ve…

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Peering Around The Legs Of Saints

Peering Around The Legs Of Saints 1707 1280 Aidan Rogers

“No, no. We can’t go in there,” she said in a hushed whisper. “That room is holy.” Even at the tender age of 3, my heart heard the implication: and…

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Definitely a June apple

Definitely a June apple 1920 1312 Erin Wasinger

I’m in a season, kind of always, of asking what’s next, and am I doing what God would like me to do, and am I becoming the woman God wants…

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A time to pluck up what’s planted

A time to pluck up what’s planted 1920 1440 Erin Wasinger

For every season of endlessly similar Thursdays after Wednesdays after Tuesdays, there’s an end. Nothing lasts forever; Solomon said. That which seems to never end is only my own fear…

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Lighting candles, praying for sidewalks

Lighting candles, praying for sidewalks 1920 1289 Erin Wasinger

I lit a few thrift-store votive jars tonight at dinner. “God, thanks for these candles, which remind us that though today is pretty ordinary, it’s actually a holy thing, all…

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The Outsiders’ Lament

The Outsiders’ Lament 1920 1705 Brian Niece

This isn’t ideal: to be the outsiders, to be outside of your inside; yet here we are, some by choice, others by circumstance; all of us, sadly, by purloined precedent.…

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Slipping Silently

Slipping Silently 500 341 Becky Hastings

We often think of drowning as a loud, splashy affair. That’s where we’re wrong. Drowning often happens without a single sound or a cry for help. I haven’t gone to…

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