Hey Church, Stop Sad-Shaming Me

Hey Church, Stop Sad-Shaming Me 1920 1280 Jason Ramsey

Irecently heard a sermon about ‘how to avoid contentment’. It was part of an otherwise-enlightening series about ‘how to mess up’ in life. In it, the pastor, who I greatly…

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The Weight Of Your Pain

The Weight Of Your Pain 150 150 Melinda VanRy

People. Pain. It’s impossible to be around people and not brush up against someone’s pain. Who among us has never been weighted down by chains of pain, wrapped around us,…

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Sleeping With The Enemy

Sleeping With The Enemy 150 150 Heather Bailey

I’m going to ask you to imagine, if you will, a young lady. She could be in her mid-twenties or mid-life. Even at this age, the vast expanse of her…

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How Amazing Is Grace

How Amazing Is Grace 150 150 Carolina Hinojosa-Cisneros

  How amazing is grace She met me where the tender flesh Bit the sharp sterile paperclip I used to scrape the skin from my wrists How amazing is grace…

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My Childlike Voice Matters

My Childlike Voice Matters 150 150 Beth Steigerwalt

Lonely and left out, I mournfully slumped on the tarmac outside the elementary school, pining for a place to belong.  I watched sadly as other students played. The children romped,…

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Confessions of a Suicidal Optimist

Confessions of a Suicidal Optimist 150 150 Heather Bailey

A friend who I hold very dear is going through a serious rough patch in their life right now. Talking to them led me to the question that has been…

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Alone On The Melancholy Playground

Alone On The Melancholy Playground 150 150 Melinda VanRy

When I am melancholy it seems this is the reality of my life. It is the thread I see, dark, running through it all. Briefly crossed by the bright hues…

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Hope Heavier Than Death

Hope Heavier Than Death 827 620 Melinda VanRy

MY STORY In April, I celebrated my 43rd birthday, which was also the third anniversary of my afternoon on suicide watch in the emergency room of a VA hospital. I…

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Parachutes Upon The Wind

Parachutes Upon The Wind 150 150 James Payne

Vanessa struggled within her sheets, the comfort of which she had worshiped for years, but now tossed her about like a tiny vessel upon the hostile waters of the great…

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Empty Spaces (An Autobiography in Seven Parts)

Empty Spaces (An Autobiography in Seven Parts) 150 150 Laura Droege

  Chairs He got the chairs. We got the sofa. After my father loaded them into the car trunk, strapped them down with cords and drove off, the living room…

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Mentally Ill

Mentally Ill 150 150 Tammy Perlmutter

I’m meeting Alyssa for the first time. She is a First Access counselor for Behavioral Health and she is facilitating my intake. She calls me in and asks me some…

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Leafless Not Lifeless

Leafless Not Lifeless 150 150 JJ Landis

All through November, I hear of things which people are thankful. Some common selections are: parents, children, job, husband, house, food, friends. It’s a healthy exercise in gratitude. Of course,…

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