Christian Confessional

Christian Confessional 1920 1280 Aidan Rogers

Let’s get something straight – as Christians, we are not immune from the same kind of thinking that the world has about prayer (or about any number of other spiritual…

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An Atheist & A Christian Walk Into A Bar

An Atheist & A Christian Walk Into A Bar 1920 1221 Kaitlin Curtice

Actually, it was a social work classroom. She had a shaved head and I had some sort of pixie cut, and we slowly began sitting together, working together, answering questions…

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It’s Okay To Deconstruct Your American Faith

It’s Okay To Deconstruct Your American Faith 1920 1276 Kaitlin Curtice

In college, I took a world literature class. We spent some time with famous stories from all over the world, including the literature of the Old Testament. Being a born…

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Who is blessed?

Who is blessed? 1920 1384 JJ Landis

In an orphanage in Jamaica, I spoon fed a teenager. White rice and sauce with meat. She didn’t make eye contact with me or anyone. The dust from the parched…

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All Prodigal Daughters And Sons

All Prodigal Daughters And Sons 1686 1530 Emily Joy

A LANDMARK VOICE OF FAITH AND LOVE Emily Joy All Prodigal Daughters And Sons 2015 / 10 Tracks / 30 minutes The pragmatic dogmas of modern Christianity have the tendency…

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Show Me You Are True

Show Me You Are True 1920 1082 Julia Putzke

On your mark- maybe there’s a loving God, looking closely at ink smudged pinky against the page. Help me, help me!! screamed silent. My eyes start to tear up as…

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Under Similitude

Under Similitude 1713 1285 Veronica Providence

My faith journey begins with the forest before its trees. Looking back, the trek of my faith follows that of the monomyth, the outline of The Hero’s Journey as designed…

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The Dark Inches

The Dark Inches 1920 1285 Paul Phillips

The young man sat on a stool in my music store the other day, strumming a guitar.  As I had already done earlier, I simply looked over momentarily to check…

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What It Really Takes To Believe

What It Really Takes To Believe 1898 1404 Becky Hastings

We toss around words like faith and believe easily lobbing them back and forth in some imaginary game. We play as if the only goal is to keep them up…

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Slipping Silently

Slipping Silently 500 341 Becky Hastings

We often think of drowning as a loud, splashy affair. That’s where we’re wrong. Drowning often happens without a single sound or a cry for help. I haven’t gone to…

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Words of Affirmation

Words of Affirmation 1280 959 Nathaniel Lee Hansen

Some years ago—you can’t remember precisely when—you read Gary Chapman’s The Five Languages where you learned that your “primary love language” is words of affirmation. Perhaps that’s to be expected…

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On communion and faking it

On communion and faking it 1920 1280 JJ Landis

Take and eat. This is my body, broken for you. My head is exploding in pain. Day two. Could be I need an updated prescription for my glasses. Or I…

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