Sick Woman

Sick Woman 1920 1271 Lyndsey Medford

Sick women make friends with our pain. After we run out of places to go, after our friends tire of asking about it and our families tire of accomodating us,…

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Credence 1920 1280 Patrick Connors

I believe in God, whom we may worship in any way fitting, as long as it is a dogma based on reverence; tolerance and respect for all; a spirit which…

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All There Is Is Everything

All There Is Is Everything 1920 1280 Patrick Connors

Beautiful vision, born of barren Earth Can’t really sense how we don’t understand Until seasons in time when we’re not blind Won’t see all You said all along is true…

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Every Seed Must Die

Every Seed Must Die 1920 1280 The Promise Is Hope

The Promise Is Hope Every Seed Must Die © 2018 Old Bear Records 11 Tracks / 36 Minutes “It’s the dark night of the soul / Never slept in a…

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Before I Boarded The Train

Before I Boarded The Train 1920 1080 Renee Emerson

–Corrie Ten Boom I strung up a Bible between my shoulder blades, felt its reassuring pat pat, our bodies just bodies packed together in filth, cattled  toward the camp.  My father hid people …

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Jesus, Social Injustice, & Me: Being A Voice For The Least Of These

Jesus, Social Injustice, & Me: Being A Voice For The Least Of These 1920 1280 Sierra White

What makes you excited?hat burns in your soul? What has God placed in your heart to do or say? I have been doing a lot of soul-searching these last few…

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Hey Church, Stop Sad-Shaming Me

Hey Church, Stop Sad-Shaming Me 1920 1280 Jason Ramsey

Irecently heard a sermon about ‘how to avoid contentment’. It was part of an otherwise-enlightening series about ‘how to mess up’ in life. In it, the pastor, who I greatly…

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Hold Tight To Hope

Hold Tight To Hope 1920 1279 Sarah Rennicke

Though You say You’re with me always, I feel left high and dry. You brought me so close to sweetness and then snatched it away and slammed the door on…

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It’s Okay To Deconstruct Your American Faith

It’s Okay To Deconstruct Your American Faith 1920 1276 Kaitlin Curtice

In college, I took a world literature class. We spent some time with famous stories from all over the world, including the literature of the Old Testament. Being a born…

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The Arc Of Fear

The Arc Of Fear 1920 1280 Brian Niece

The arc of fear is a powerful motivator. But the arc of fear never finishes bending where it seems to lead, because under the immense pressure of such a significant force,…

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Witness To Suffering

Witness To Suffering 1920 1279 Caris Adel

We romanticize suffering because we know the weight of looking at it honestly will crush us. It’s why we have best-selling books about the London Blitz whilst barely taking in…

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Raise Your Hope

Raise Your Hope 1920 1280 Marvia Davidson

Raise your Words. Raise your hope. RAISE your WORSHIP. You who know Christ, stop. Cease striving. Stop trying to use shame and blame to change people. It’s not working and…

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