So, What Now?

So, What Now? 1920 1279 Robert Alan Rife

Recently, I spent words lamenting my egregious fall from grace. It was egregious in the sense that I had all the tools at my disposal for such a thing not…

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Headlong Into Light

Headlong Into Light 1920 1276 Jason Ramsey

In your eyes I see a paradigm shift. Days that grew into years – arid soil for budding stems – a backward blossom from futility: coarse entrails, crows feet, edges…

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When The Good Things Become Visible

When The Good Things Become Visible 1920 1280 Kaitlin Curtice

M no waben. Mno waben. I held my three year old son in the early morning light, held him in the middle of my room as he stumbled in after…

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When We Pray For Dying Children

When We Pray For Dying Children 2126 1408 Kaitlin Curtice

Last night when I couldn’t sleep, I got up to walk around the house for a few minutes before getting back into bed. I could hear the breathing rhythms of…

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Bright Possibilities

Bright Possibilities 1419 1118 Jody Lee Collins

“’sa bizzy pace, Boppa. “ “What’s that, pal?” “’sa bizzy pace. All zeese bepo.” “All these people. That’s right, it’s a busy place, buddy.” Allan Jenkins’ eyes scanned the airport…

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Daughter You Are Extraordinary

Daughter You Are Extraordinary 1920 1280 Eve Harrell

I have a great love for Roses.  Red, white, yellow, pink, they are all beautiful.  Oh, if I could only sit in front of a rose and watch it bloom. …

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Do You Want To Be Made Well?

Do You Want To Be Made Well? 640 426 Stephanie Thompson

(Identifying with the man in John 5) “Do you want to be made well?” The question posed to the man in John 5:5-9 appears rhetorical. We do not know if…

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Life Must Be Lived

Life Must Be Lived 1920 1280 JJ Landis

I found our kitty curled up sound asleep, nestled in a pile of blankets on the bed early this morning. So I let her be, and the bed remained unmade.…

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An Angel Dressed In Blue

An Angel Dressed In Blue 1920 1280 Judith Rost

  “Do not forget to entertains strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.” Hebrews 13:2 The loss and loneliness were unbearable. I found it…

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Duplication On Chromosome 16

Duplication On Chromosome 16 1920 1280 Jeannie Prinsen

As secret as silence as quiet as midnight at the eternal core of creation Your fingers knit invisible fibers something from nothing life from the void and You say it…

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Wandering Girl

Wandering Girl 1920 1277 Sarah Rennicke

This world is waking and I slide behind a table in a Hampton Inn. An older gentleman sits in the corner, newspaper lifted around his face. In the line for…

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Shadow Attachment

Shadow Attachment 1920 1285 Beth Steigerwalt

The black dog with white-tipped tail and chest, a retriever and Labrador mix, barked incessantly as our family strolled through the animal shelter, begging for attention. We had come to…

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