A Solitary Figure

A Solitary Figure 1920 1280 Gayl Wright

With nightfall swiftly approaching, the air felt crisp and cold. A solitary figure was wandering, so frail, so tired, so old. It fluttered in the blowing wind her threadbare cloak…

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Grace Enough for All

Grace Enough for All 1920 1281 Gayl Wright

My fists are tightly closed facing downwards I open my hands a symbol of letting go saying goodbye to things that cause me stress that want me to despair that…

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Renaissance 1920 1275 Patrick Connors

Integrity turns to courageous hope Vision of what is and ought to be Only if and when we are ready to Believe there is no fear in perfection Audacious belief…

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When All That Is Left Is Jesus

When All That Is Left Is Jesus 1920 1211 Kaitlin Curtice

Someone recently asked me, “Why on earth are you still going to church? You, of all people?”   They were referring to my indigenous ancestors, to things like colonialism, genocide,…

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Burned Out On Religion

Burned Out On Religion 1920 1281 David Ruybalid

Ihave read the “The Parable of the Prodigal Son” a thousand times. I have heard pastors draw out from the older son’s conversation at the end of this parable. Here…

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5 Things The Church Must Become Before It’s Too Late

5 Things The Church Must Become Before It’s Too Late 1920 1353 Chris Kratzer

As a pastor, I believe in church and love her deeply, especially when the centerpiece of all she is and does is the Gospel of God’s pure Grace and the…

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Is This A Biblical Worldview?

Is This A Biblical Worldview? 1920 1133 Lyndsey Medford

The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood issued a statement on sexuality condemning all LGBTQ+ identities and Christian affirmation of LGBTQ+ people as made in the image of God. There…

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Hosanna 1920 1279 Sarah Rennicke

What did the people think, as they saw You heading towards the Jewel City? What did they believe they would see? The survival of Your people? The placement of a…

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Look now, the blessed road

Look now, the blessed road 1920 1271 Robert Alan Rife

Look now, the bless-ed road rises to meet feet, weary, uncertain, but sure of steps yet untaken that, parting, greet a step, one step, from that step. Intentions pure where…

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A Prayer At Llyn Gwynant

A Prayer At Llyn Gwynant 960 638 Tadhg Jonathan

When the bitter winds blow, and the rain pours onto the soul of your life. When you stumble and fall, and when tears well up inside, but find no release.…

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So, What Now?

So, What Now? 1920 1279 Robert Alan Rife

Recently, I spent words lamenting my egregious fall from grace. It was egregious in the sense that I had all the tools at my disposal for such a thing not…

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Enough Already

Enough Already 1920 1277 Patricia Alderman

As a child when I tested my mother’s patience, I always knew when I’d crossed the line. The Look could stop me in my tracks. The one that silently conveyed, “I’d…

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