The Arc Of Fear

The Arc Of Fear 1920 1280 Brian Niece

The arc of fear is a powerful motivator. But the arc of fear never finishes bending where it seems to lead, because under the immense pressure of such a significant force,…

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Pursuit Of Beauty

Pursuit Of Beauty 1646 1097 Carole Sparks

I’ve never met a follower of Christ who didn’t enjoy a beautiful sunset, a mountain vista (especially in autumn!), or a fresh flower glossed with dew. God is, without doubt,…

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Don’t Leave Me This Way

Don’t Leave Me This Way 150 150 Callie Feyen

One of my favorite parts about road trips is listening to music in the car. I don’t mean the mixes—I guess they’re called playlists these days—I’m talking about entering a…

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What Good Is That?

What Good Is That? 150 150 Michael Thompson

Since the Garden, human beings have had two maladies that choke our connection with God and limit our effect on the world. We undervalue the reality of God that is…

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The View From Moresheth-Gath

The View From Moresheth-Gath 150 150 Robbie Maakestad

It was midafternoon when I climbed the side of Tel Goded, a large hill created by layers of ruins from an ancient city rebuilt again and again over thousands of…

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modern poetry

modern poetry 150 150 Robert Alan Rife

a medicine cabinet stuffed with placebo   a closet full of clever   a basket of plastic apples half-eaten, half-observed spit back out where they too become poetry   Hermes…

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