Over The Falls

Over The Falls 1920 1440 Laura Reece Hogan

Breezing on the breath of God we trust to the edge, sails brave with stirred spirit. We will rush smooth in sun always, we think, the lapis sky opens to…

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Homeless At Christmas

Homeless At Christmas 2500 1666 Beckie Lindsey

I parked my car in a coveted parking space directly in front of Starbucks. I was glad for a short walk since it was cold enough to snow. I locked…

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Prayerwalking: Taking Back Our Nation One Neighborhood At A Time

Prayerwalking: Taking Back Our Nation One Neighborhood At A Time 1700 1275 Beckie Lindsey

ARE YOU FEELING HELPLESS ABOUT THE STATE OF OUR NATION AS WE APPROACH THE ELECTIONS? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. According to a poll in May 2016 taken…

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Driving Home

Driving Home 1920 1280 Stephanie DiMaria

I used to think this was God’s country Here, on the straight roads of Midwest America. Even now, I can’t deny the different flavor of freedom That is breathing air…

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Houses and Homes

Houses and Homes 2048 1365 Tammy Perlmutter

Doll Houses. Ghetto houses. Foster homes. Group homes. Children’s homes. So many houses. So few homes. I stand in front of a dilapidated building in an urban neighborhood. Its porch…

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Leafless Not Lifeless

Leafless Not Lifeless 1920 1080 JJ Landis

All through November, I hear of things which people are thankful. Some common selections are: parents, children, job, husband, house, food, friends. It’s a healthy exercise in gratitude. Of course,…

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