Under Similitude

Under Similitude 150 150 Veronica Providence

My faith journey begins with the forest before its trees. Looking back, the trek of my faith follows that of the monomyth, the outline of The Hero’s Journey as designed…

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The Journey Of Psalms

The Journey Of Psalms 150 150 Mary Langer Thompson

Together, we move from Admonition to affirmation Bitterness to beatitude Challenge to choice Duty to delight Education to equilibrium Faithlessness to fidelity Guilt to gratitude Hope to hesed Iniquity to…

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Five Types Of Christians God Won’t Use

Five Types Of Christians God Won’t Use 150 150 Beckie Lindsey

It’s been over twenty years since I prayed this prayer: “Lord, take all of my life and use me however you choose.” Then I gulped, closed my eyes tightly and held my…

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Filial Prodigal

Filial Prodigal 150 150 Amanda N. Butler

Have I found You again, or have You found me? For years I ignored You, placed You on the shelf to collect dust next to the Bible with a spine…

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Fog 150 150 JJ Landis

This morning I went on a walk in a fog so dense my eyes had to stay focused on the path, lest I veer off course. Miniscule droplets of water…

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Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks 150 150 Michael Thompson

Stretch marks. They are the bane of so many women…more precisely, so many moms. Tiny scars that form because a body is being radically reshaped to make room to bring…

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