My white kids with their backpacks

My white kids with their backpacks 1950 1309 Erin Wasinger

Catholic grade school, mid 1990s. We were prepping for a field trip to a metro art museum: stay with your chaperone; be on your best behavior. And “When you see…

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On Our Anniversary

On Our Anniversary 1920 1280 Nathaniel Lee Hansen

It was two weeks ago when our son and I took a break from reading, and I showed him the wedding photo album, pointing out different people. (Yes, that’s your…

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Love makes space

Love makes space 1920 1266 JJ Landis

A friend of mine hangs out on a street corner each weekday morning, with her grandsons and other kids waiting for school buses. Some of the children lack decent housing because their…

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Don’t Leave Me This Way

Don’t Leave Me This Way 1280 857 Callie Feyen

One of my favorite parts about road trips is listening to music in the car. I don’t mean the mixes—I guess they’re called playlists these days—I’m talking about entering a…

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Moments 1280 829 JJ Landis

My daughter has a book called My Giant Story Book. Among classics like Cinderella and The Elves and the Shoemaker sits a story I had not heard before. The Little…

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Beneath the surface

Beneath the surface 1920 1280 JJ Landis

My kids didn’t have school on Monday. My husband forgot the kids didn’t have school on Monday. I got mad at him for that horrible transgression. How could he have…

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I want to be more like Jesus but you’re getting on my nerves

I want to be more like Jesus but you’re getting on my nerves 1500 1001 JJ Landis

I really just wanted time to read and drink my coffee before my day began. Morning is the time of day where I am most creative and thoughtful; and every…

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It’s not about the balloon

It’s not about the balloon 1920 1280 JJ Landis

She proudly wore her “high heels,” her new sandals with an elevated heel that she’s not allowed to wear to school because the backs are open. Atop her hair, stringy…

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Running On Tiptoe!

Running On Tiptoe! 1920 1440 Michael Thompson

She is one and she is walking. Fast! Isabella went from wobbling like a Weeble to running like an Olympian in what seemed like days. Funny thing is she walks—even runs—on…

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Love swells

Love swells 1906 1080 Jason Ramsey

Love swells. I often imagine being immersed in dark water, where the only light is the fading sun refracting on the surface. It’s a brilliant light, a kaleidoscope of color…

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