Morning Liturgy

Morning Liturgy 150 150 Daniel Baker

Good morning again,​ child of God.​ Belov’d of the Father,​ as in the Son.​ Wholly lived in holy hope,​ weariness undone.​ Unfinished, re-created,​ crushed, crashed-crimson,​ affliction abated.​ Sustained assuagement,​ inspirited…

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A Wednesday Examen

A Wednesday Examen 150 150 Robert Alan Rife

Glance, and I will escape you. Look, and I will show you. Behold, and I will move you. Observe, and I will educate you. See, and I will change you.…

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I Run To Thee My Savior! I Run To Thee!!

I Run To Thee My Savior! I Run To Thee!! 150 150 Debbie Harris

Every day with each and every need, care, worry, fear, sin, doubt, and despair, I joyfully run to meet with Christ, my Savior. And the King of Kings joyfully delights in me being there. The Creator of the universe every single time I approach the golden throne room of  beauty and grace, lovingly, joyfully, and eagerly awaits to hear each and every prayer. Oh how our Savior delights in pursuing and forming personal relationships with each and every blood- bought Cross-delivered royal heir! And so I run to Him often with all my needs and all my cares. I escape to His endless, unconditional love. I escape to His limitless and changeless kindness. I escape to His tender compassion. I escape to His divine and ceaseless forgiveness. I escape to His mountainous gratuitous grace. I escape to His exquisite beauty. I escape to His cross-given righteousness. I escape to His omnipotent and bountiful strength. I escape to His inerrant, unchanging words of life giving truth  to see how to live soberly and righteously in this ever darkening world! And every day with each and every need, care, worry, fear, sin, doubt, and despair, every day I joyfully run to thee my God. Every minute I seek thy dove like still small voice. Every moment I run to thee my Savior. Every day, yes, every moment I run to thee. I run to thee. so that I can be sculpted by your light , love, and majestic care!…

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A Homeless Faith

A Homeless Faith 1851 2776 Cathy Warner

I trudge uphill in Seattle on a sidewalk strewn with broken glass, empty beer cans, cigarette butts, and a discarded mattress. I turn a corner and a cathedral towers ahead.…

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Blessed be

Blessed be 150 150 Lesley-Anne Evans

Blessed be the unwashed bag lady, shopping cart stacked with tainted treasure, for she will have her basic needs met. Blessed be the man standing outside Great Canadian Superstore, hands…

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