The Wind Blows Where It Wishes

The Wind Blows Where It Wishes 1920 1280 Tadhg Jonathan

I was recently fortunate enough to spend some time on the Isle of Iona. Here’s one reflection as I look back: I’m on the beach, near the water’s edge, and…

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Sweet Light of Life

Sweet Light of Life 2791 1873 Sarah Rennicke

You saw it all. You watched it unfold, the tiny corners of my heart begin to fall. You even coaxed me to trust You with the places where I was…

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Enough Already

Enough Already 1920 1277 Patricia Alderman

As a child when I tested my mother’s patience, I always knew when I’d crossed the line. The Look could stop me in my tracks. The one that silently conveyed, “I’d…

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Social Network Resolutions

Social Network Resolutions 1920 1440 Amanda N. Butler

To bring my #nofilter selfie to His feet. To stop tracking my likes and instead forgive without count. To refrain from posting a #humblebrag and instead choose the status of…

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Hermeneutics of Fatherhood

Hermeneutics of Fatherhood 1920 1230 Joy and Matthew Steem

Larry Norman – God bless him for shaking things up when he asked, “why should the devil have all the good music” – had a song with the lines “forget your…

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Merry and Bright

Merry and Bright 3872 2592 Sarah Rennicke

We’re chest deep in the Christmas season, yet I don’t feel merry and bright. My head is filled with frantic, stuffed to overload. My brother and sister-in-law are preparing for…

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Why Not Me

Why Not Me 1920 1280 Sarah Rennicke

I believe in God being a God of redemption. There is something in remembering, in strolling through the memory halls of my heart and still holding out my hope. We…

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Over The Falls

Over The Falls 1920 1440 Laura Reece Hogan

Breezing on the breath of God we trust to the edge, sails brave with stirred spirit. We will rush smooth in sun always, we think, the lapis sky opens to…

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You First

You First 1920 1280 Sarah Rennicke

The rain is gentle. So are You. Reminding me to come back to my first love. Before the world and all its distortions broke my heart, when I walked with…

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How To Love You Well

How To Love You Well 1920 1280 Sarah Rennicke

It’s that effortless, always hopeful, always expanding kind of love that looks straight into the soul and says, “I am going to cover your heart with the best of mine.…

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Look At Me!

Look At Me! 1920 1195 Catherine Lawton

“Look at me, Cathy.” Downcast, ashamed, I shrank from seeing my father’s disappointment, his sadness, maybe anger. I was little; he was big. I was guilty; he was right. I…

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A Triptych

A Triptych 1920 1281 Elizabeth Marshall

One It is a strange thing, your leaving In increments This slow fade, pains us The dialing down and dialing back I wish for your speedy recovery That you would…

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