Flammable 1920 1079 Prasanta Verma

Approaching flames warm hands and wake the mind, sparks sear the heart, ignite fiber of truth— a thread of hunger burns. Dust catches fire, blazes across centuries— a line is…

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Striped 1280 853 Prasanta Verma

I choke on dust, wreckage of world, and my crushed bones of existence. Painful agonies—     what breathing soul     is exempt from knowing? While the world continues doubling and…

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Hold Tight To Hope

Hold Tight To Hope 1920 1279 Sarah Rennicke

Though You say You’re with me always, I feel left high and dry. You brought me so close to sweetness and then snatched it away and slammed the door on…

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The Arc Of Fear

The Arc Of Fear 1920 1280 Brian Niece

The arc of fear is a powerful motivator. But the arc of fear never finishes bending where it seems to lead, because under the immense pressure of such a significant force,…

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Defining Myself Without Fear

Defining Myself Without Fear 1920 1280 Kaitlin Curtice

I’ve never been one for confrontation. My need for inner and communal harmony is pretty high, so you can imagine that with the current dividedness of our country, and the…

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Raise Your Hope

Raise Your Hope 1920 1280 Marvia Davidson

Raise your Words. Raise your hope. RAISE your WORSHIP. You who know Christ, stop. Cease striving. Stop trying to use shame and blame to change people. It’s not working and…

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What Has Become Of Our Light?

What Has Become Of Our Light? 1920 1080 Stephanie Thompson

Last night, as I watched my youngest graduate from Junior High School, my heart was torn. While I felt joy in the celebration of these kids (many of whom I…

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The Privilege Of Sharing From My Privilege

The Privilege Of Sharing From My Privilege 1920 1280 Stephanie Thompson

His voice caught my ear as I made my way to the door. Our random stop to McDonalds on our annual Christmas trip to downtown Chicago suddenly took a different…

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The Hard Work Of Being Neighbors

The Hard Work Of Being Neighbors 1920 1280 Stephanie Thompson

The day after the last Presidential election, I woke up to a raw reality. A tidal wave of voices-loud, vulnerable, celebratory, discouraged, respectful, disrespectful, urban, rural, old, young, male, female…

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I Love You, But…

I Love You, But… 1920 1285 Kevin Garcia

Ilove you, but…” I heard that phrase over and over again when I first came out. From family members, from people who I once counted as my chosen family, from…

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The Wind Blows Where It Wishes

The Wind Blows Where It Wishes 1920 1280 Tadhg Jonathan

I was recently fortunate enough to spend some time on the Isle of Iona. Here’s one reflection as I look back: I’m on the beach, near the water’s edge, and…

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Sweet Light of Life

Sweet Light of Life 2791 1873 Sarah Rennicke

You saw it all. You watched it unfold, the tiny corners of my heart begin to fall. You even coaxed me to trust You with the places where I was…

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