May 18, 1980

May 18, 1980 150 150 Daniel Baker

Spring sun:​ races across the plowed fields​ flows over the tall grasses​ pushes past a stand of oaks​ spills over the gully’s edge​ breaks the broad basement windows​ animates a…

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Why The Good Old Days Never Were

Why The Good Old Days Never Were 150 150 Brian Niece

Sometimes I catch myself thinking about my own good old days. Maybe you, too? I look back to a previous season in life and get all the feels. I romanticize…

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Houses and Homes

Houses and Homes 150 150 Tammy Perlmutter

Doll Houses. Ghetto houses. Foster homes. Group homes. Children’s homes. So many houses. So few homes. I stand in front of a dilapidated building in an urban neighborhood. Its porch…

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Why I Stopped Hating The Church

Why I Stopped Hating The Church 150 150 Steve Austin

When I was twelve, I fell off my bike and hurt my arm, bad. We didn’t have much money and my dad, an EMT, was from a different generation. You…

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Beneath the surface

Beneath the surface 150 150 JJ Landis

My kids didn’t have school on Monday. My husband forgot the kids didn’t have school on Monday. I got mad at him for that horrible transgression. How could he have…

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A Little Goodwill

A Little Goodwill 150 150 Nathaniel Lee Hansen

Mara worried that her younger brother’s wedding might be a harbinger of bad times. It’s not as if she hadn’t warned him, though. After all, could she really have said…

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