Rolling The Stone Away

1920 1285 Mary Langer Thompson

Five men, a jack, and a dolly are all it takes to lift the monumental block of Thou Shalt Nots, to wheel it away. But the moving crew is impatient.…

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A Triptych

1920 1281 Elizabeth Marshall

One It is a strange thing, your leaving In increments This slow fade, pains us The dialing down and dialing back I wish for your speedy recovery That you would…

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Wall Of The Sea

1920 865 Summer Edward

What is it that wants to come through the wall of the sea in the dark night? As if there hasn’t already been enough mystery in this dark night      where…

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Prayers Of A Pot

1920 1384 Rory Fry

For wisdom I turn to You To know real love And practice Truth By Your strength For Your name You said to ask To humbly pray I am but an…

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Escapement From The Valley Of Death

1920 1280 Adrian Encomienda

The night had beckoned at my door With sackcloth colored hair and robe And in my mind I knew it was My time to leave this flesh and blood Trusting…

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Gospel For The Lonely

1920 1280 Summer Edward

“Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you! See, I…

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In The Cleft Of A Cold, White Rock

1920 1280 Catherine Lawton

As in the close space between dawn and dusk of a January day when hoar-frosted trees have their feet in snow and their branches raised against a white, weighty sky,…

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The Trees

1920 1281 Glen Wilson

  Three shadows on the hill from one the sap runs red, Pierced water pours and spreads and the gnarled roots, have their fill The bough supports its thicket crown,…

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Whiteboard Whispers

1920 1279 Amanda N. Butler

I am a whiteboard that has been drawn with what I thought was permanent marker. I am a whiteboard that dwells on what has been written before. I am a…

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All Prodigal Daughters And Sons

1686 1530 Emily Joy

A LANDMARK VOICE OF FAITH AND LOVE Emily Joy All Prodigal Daughters And Sons 2015 / 10 Tracks / 30 minutes The pragmatic dogmas of modern Christianity have the tendency…

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Into The Fire

1920 1280 Sarah Rennicke

It is a leap of faith to step into the fire. Whether or not God keeps you from singeing, you place your cards down on the table and expect Him…

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Let No Stone

1600 1215 Don McCaleb

  Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty The whole Earth is full of his glory. I don’t want to fake it. If it’s about song, I don’t want…

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