Simon The Zealot

Simon The Zealot 1920 1280 D.S. Martin

When I was a child in my father’s home before I was presented at the temple in the days when Joazar the priest would have sold us for peace Judas the Galilean…

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Jude 1920 1280 D.S. Martin

How horrid to live with a tainted name to be so easily confused   with one who sold your Lord Who could blame you   Jude for going by Thaddaeus afterword? I’m…

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Headlong Into Light

Headlong Into Light 1920 1276 Jason Ramsey

In your eyes I see a paradigm shift. Days that grew into years – arid soil for budding stems – a backward blossom from futility: coarse entrails, crows feet, edges…

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Mary Of Bethany

Mary Of Bethany 1920 1281 D.S. Martin

Some women are blessed with words I have eloquent tears   My sister weaves her expectations into reasonable structures that rise higher than the temple mount but cannot touch me   for…

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The Cave of Adullam

The Cave of Adullam 1920 1280 Jody Thomae

this cave, my prison this darkness, my entrapment I cannot lie here, stay here, die here here in my prison wake up, oh heart wake the dawn with your song…

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In A Safe Place

In A Safe Place 1920 1280 Jason Ramsey

She always told us to pray in a safe place: “bury yourselves under wild thickets; drape in rosaries; wrap in shawls; nestle with watchdogs; cradle with kin — far from…

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Social Network Resolutions

Social Network Resolutions 1920 1440 Amanda N. Butler

To bring my #nofilter selfie to His feet. To stop tracking my likes and instead forgive without count. To refrain from posting a #humblebrag and instead choose the status of…

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Adam’s hiraeth

Adam’s hiraeth 1920 1550 Whitney Frahm

“O flours, That never will in other Climate grow” John Milton, Paradise Lost   Is this how it feels to have one foot in Eden straddling the gap between soil and sky,…

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Rolling The Stone Away

Rolling The Stone Away 1920 1285 Mary Langer Thompson

Five men, a jack, and a dolly are all it takes to lift the monumental block of Thou Shalt Nots, to wheel it away. But the moving crew is impatient.…

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A Triptych

A Triptych 1920 1281 Elizabeth Marshall

One It is a strange thing, your leaving In increments This slow fade, pains us The dialing down and dialing back I wish for your speedy recovery That you would…

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Wall Of The Sea

Wall Of The Sea 1920 865 Summer Edward

What is it that wants to come through the wall of the sea in the dark night? As if there hasn’t already been enough mystery in this dark night      where…

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Prayers Of A Pot

Prayers Of A Pot 1920 1384 Rory Fry

For wisdom I turn to You To know real love And practice Truth By Your strength For Your name You said to ask To humbly pray I am but an…

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