Summer 1920 1276 Jeremy Lane

The sun is forcing mid-morning light through the curtains by the time your eyes are open and the whir of the air conditioner is the only sound. What time is it?…

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Scar on the Cheek: Judas’ Betrayal

Scar on the Cheek: Judas’ Betrayal 1920 1449 Prasanta Verma

The kiss on the cheek planted swift, turns to thorny scratch, burns long and thin, drips red on black dirt. Fragile petals live a breath away, a thin vein from…

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First Day

First Day 1920 1280 Jeremy Lane

The alarm on the window sill begins to fade in and you slowly come to life and roll onto your back. You didn’t sleep well, or at least enough, because…

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Every Day

Every Day 1920 1280 Jeremy Lane

The truth is, the sun will rise one morning somewhere in the future and before it sets you will have taken your last breath as a human being on this…

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A New Year’s Lament

A New Year’s Lament 1920 1032 Kelly Belmonte

I mourn the way we once marked passages by distance rather than time, how we measured miles instead of minutes, felt the fleeting nature of our very selves instead of…

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Quiet 1260 709 Jeremy Lane

It’s funny to see them moving around, half-asleep and murmuring, because you so rarely get to during the week. They pull their clothes on and slump at the breakfast table…

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The Wind Blows Where It Wishes

The Wind Blows Where It Wishes 1920 1280 Tadhg Jonathan

I was recently fortunate enough to spend some time on the Isle of Iona. Here’s one reflection as I look back: I’m on the beach, near the water’s edge, and…

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Spark and Steam

Spark and Steam 1280 849 Sarah Rennicke

Through the hiss of antique silver espresso machine reverberating around the high-windowed room of a downtown café, brick and mortar building, I shrug off the cold. Everything seems to sting…

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Tenting Walmart

Tenting Walmart 1200 778 Joy and Matthew Steem

There are many modern conveniences to be found in Walmart camping: flush toilets, reliable Wi-Fi, easily accessible groceries, flat spots, and even outdoor lighting. Indeed, most have a grassy spot…

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A Slight Shift

A Slight Shift 1651 1238 Lesley-Anne Evans

I am grateful for the way God allows me time and space to come to my own inconclusive conclusions, mess through my own muck (self created and a product of…

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13 Ways of Looking Like an Introvert: Reprise

13 Ways of Looking Like an Introvert: Reprise 1565 1174 Nathaniel Lee Hansen

Confession I have used my introversion as an excuse to evade the command to love my neighbors. I have used my introversion as an excuse to withdraw from important relationships…

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A Fortunate Poverty

A Fortunate Poverty 1920 1285 Stephanie DiMaria

This is not the grace I was looking for, This nibbly bit of blessing, Dragging me through one more day, But just barely — Like the painful frustration Of brushing out every tangled…

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