robert rife

When a song knows you

When a song knows you 1920 1280 Robert Alan Rife

On that rare occasion when comes a song that catches in your throat and your moistened eyes lift; your heart swells and your tongue cleaves in silence to the roof…

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We are eucharist

We are eucharist 1280 853 Robert Alan Rife

You and I – we are eucharist. We are the slow quench and burn of wine made well from flaming water. We are from yeast – all that nourishes made…

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Life lessons at Starbucks

Life lessons at Starbucks 1280 865 Robert Alan Rife

It’s okay to let the terry-cloth wind blow itself through your thinning hair. When the leaves fly past your brow in that dismissive way they leave a glint of naiveté,…

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Losing inhibition

Losing inhibition 1920 1440 Robert Alan Rife

Just about the time the afternoon had worn off its edges enough to let the daylight leave, there came to mind a certain wave of thought. Lovers made love. Haters…

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Driving School, Autumn Nights, Thoughts On Poverty

Driving School, Autumn Nights, Thoughts On Poverty 1920 1192 Robert Alan Rife

Poverty never ceases to surprise and disarm. What is truly alarming however is whenever I grow indifferent or worse, apathetic, to its crying dishonor. May I never be unaware or…

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Having Sung With The Choir – An Evening Examen

Having Sung With The Choir – An Evening Examen 1920 1440 Robert Alan Rife

Having sung with the choir, this evening’s venture brings light to the night and a dark covering of powdered stillness descending, descending still upon these battered brows. Hear, O hear…

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What Happens After

What Happens After 1920 1304 Robert Alan Rife

There is a laziness in the light while evening shadows crouch in fear behind too much sun, still breathing heavily, pushing their way, like pain. ________ Windows marble and cut…

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This Holy Skin

This Holy Skin 2048 1365 Robert Alan Rife

We stand and crane our necks reaching for heaven’s bright smile, upon shoulders of brown and moving green, and in the act forget ourselves as one and there and good.…

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Spring On Ash Wednesday

Spring On Ash Wednesday 1679 1273 Robert Alan Rife

Begins again this Springward journey; rebirthing all that once lived. Trickle again once fickle brook and stream sickle sighs yet in repose, sleeping still. Earth, sore and Winter-stiff, seeks, sighs…

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The Smile Of God

The Smile Of God 1500 1000 Robert Alan Rife

For all those whose cruciformity brings light to dark places, hope to bleak places and promise where there is none. God sees. Dark and insistent the vultures come, descending on…

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Loving Judas

Loving Judas 1920 1277 Robert Alan Rife

Legs dangle, arms crossed, nestled in the humming lilacs, oblivious to all but the playful patter of unicorn hooves – a wax doll flays a panda and steals a school…

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