Forgotten To Remember

Forgotten To Remember 1920 1232 Sarah Rennicke

It is terrible to forget. And yet I have. For clusters of months, mounting to a year. Until I found my way, one Sunday, to Cedar Lake Park, the place…

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Dark Space, Black Matter

Dark Space, Black Matter 1920 1248 Sarah Rennicke

Before the canvas of the world was painted, the earth posed void, black, formless. Intentionally kept dark for creation, for becoming, purpose was published from shadows, from an ink blanket of…

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Back To The Breath

Back To The Breath 1920 1280 Sarah Rennicke

Blur of cloud and land. Touch of rain dappled through the air, scent swung on the horizon. All day, I drive down highway wound with open space, rolling mounds of…

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Full In Wait

Full In Wait 1920 1440 Sarah Rennicke

Rain. I can smell it before clouds roll in, giant and gray and folded over themselves, pushing across the Atlantic. The tingling freshness stirs on a wind shifting from an…

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Barren Land and Plenty

Barren Land and Plenty 1920 1279 Sarah Rennicke

Rough scrape of leaves across pavement. Trees blend of barren twigs for branches, burnt orange, red wine, apple yellow. Invisible God manifested in the breeze cool on my face, gliding…

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Spirit Flow Free

Spirit Flow Free 1920 960 Sarah Rennicke

I am tired, just so bone-achingly tired of it all. My list could spread across my living room, but right now, what’s most ringing in my rib cage is that…

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Copycat gods Can’t Fix Broken People

Copycat gods Can’t Fix Broken People 1920 1280 Karen Friday

I entered the world broken. Born early, my twin sister and I spent days in a neonatal ward. I went home first and my sister grew strong enough to finally…

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The Struggle To Know Ourselves

The Struggle To Know Ourselves 2048 1365 Brian Niece

Why do so many of us prefer to remain willfully ignorant or at least blissfuly unaware? We develop assumptions. These assumptions, or opinions, are formed over years, through experiences, through…

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Unhappy Familiar

Unhappy Familiar 2500 1667 Sarah Rennicke

It is becoming too familiar for me—the slow space of airports, people watching, the shuffle onto the big metal flying contraption, tucked in with other travelers like cattle. I move…

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Empty Spaces (An Autobiography in Seven Parts)

Empty Spaces (An Autobiography in Seven Parts) 1920 1277 Laura Droege

  Chairs He got the chairs. We got the sofa. After my father loaded them into the car trunk, strapped them down with cords and drove off, the living room…

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At the Waterpark

At the Waterpark 1920 1276 Nathaniel Lee Hansen

I could be substituting “you” for “I,” but it is more important that I use “I” with confidence, with boldness. Sunday night, my church hosted a free evening at one…

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Life, Rearranged

Life, Rearranged 1920 1280 Sarah Rennicke

I will never know how life arranges itself. I can give up attempting to rope up its wildness, give up trying to run my mind through the unknowns to grab…

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