short story

Parachutes Upon The Wind

Parachutes Upon The Wind 150 150 James Payne

Vanessa struggled within her sheets, the comfort of which she had worshiped for years, but now tossed her about like a tiny vessel upon the hostile waters of the great…

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The Color Of Fog

The Color Of Fog 150 150 Jason Ramsey

(Short Fiction) Disclaimer: Contains mature themes.   “You’re old enough to be my father.” Edward Cain slugged a whiskey shot and set the glass on a nightstand, and it wobbled…

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A Little Goodwill

A Little Goodwill 150 150 Nathaniel Lee Hansen

Mara worried that her younger brother’s wedding might be a harbinger of bad times. It’s not as if she hadn’t warned him, though. After all, could she really have said…

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Eucharist 150 150 Monica Boothe

“She doesn’t realize what she’s doing.” I pant, my legs stumbling along their way. My breath, growing short and strained, rattles rhythmically. I always knew this would happen. Some ingrained…

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Through The Embers

Through The Embers 150 150 Linda Cruise

Along the southern horizon, Normandy’s coastal ridge and cliffs suddenly appeared out of the mist, under a ghostly canopy of sky. Perhaps under less trying circumstances US Army Chaplain Father…

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