Turn, Turn, Turn

Turn, Turn, Turn 1920 1279 Patrick Connors

Give up your crooked ways and your evil thoughts. Return to the Lord our God. He will be merciful and forgive your sins. (Isaiah 55:7, CEV) The Earth will turn on its…

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Summer 1920 1276 Jeremy Lane

The sun is forcing mid-morning light through the curtains by the time your eyes are open and the whir of the air conditioner is the only sound. What time is it?…

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First Day

First Day 1920 1280 Jeremy Lane

The alarm on the window sill begins to fade in and you slowly come to life and roll onto your back. You didn’t sleep well, or at least enough, because…

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Every Day

Every Day 1920 1280 Jeremy Lane

The truth is, the sun will rise one morning somewhere in the future and before it sets you will have taken your last breath as a human being on this…

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A New Year’s Lament

A New Year’s Lament 1920 1032 Kelly Belmonte

I mourn the way we once marked passages by distance rather than time, how we measured miles instead of minutes, felt the fleeting nature of our very selves instead of…

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Quiet 1260 709 Jeremy Lane

It’s funny to see them moving around, half-asleep and murmuring, because you so rarely get to during the week. They pull their clothes on and slump at the breakfast table…

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In Time

In Time 150 150 Sherry Schmied

  I rise — stretch away the night thanking You first breath For a day pressed into hands too often in my pockets and for this heartbeat I apologize is…

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God From My Coffee Cup

God From My Coffee Cup 150 150 Sherry Schmied

  A tired shuffle of old feet a body bent by time and ache I hold my mother in my eyes She is softly singing some old hymn to herself…

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A time to pluck up what’s planted

A time to pluck up what’s planted 150 150 Erin Wasinger

For every season of endlessly similar Thursdays after Wednesdays after Tuesdays, there’s an end. Nothing lasts forever; Solomon said. That which seems to never end is only my own fear…

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A morning in Malibu

A morning in Malibu 150 150 Robert Alan Rife

Day creeps in slowly like a child, uncertain, demure. The disheveled hillsides yawn themselves back to thirst again in the dry, January sun. A nighthawk, warblers, and sparrows choir themselves…

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