Come, come again

Come, come again 1920 1664 Lesley-Anne Evans

When the sun is book-ended by cloud and the kitchen lights are lit by 3, when long-term plans are no longer relevant after darkness falls, when the evening hours outlast…

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Sub Zero

Sub Zero 1920 1080 Lesley-Anne Evans

The fridge trickles and pops, the ice maker oblivious to the deep freeze outside, and our growing thirst  for wine, and flames. The lake is thick skinned with ice. Like…

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Tired of Waiting

Tired of Waiting 1920 1280 Sarah Rennicke

The freshness of a winter sky spritzes my heart with tiny shards of pain. The kind that scars something magnificent into your soul. They are prickling fingernails scratching my skin,…

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The darkness of the season

The darkness of the season 1280 851 JJ Landis

October falls into our lives every year. People bemoan the end of summer. “October already!” they say. “I can’t believe it. Where did summer go?” We are repeatedly amazed that…

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