Raise Your Hope

Raise Your Hope 1920 1280 Marvia Davidson

Raise your Words. Raise your hope. RAISE your WORSHIP. You who know Christ, stop. Cease striving. Stop trying to use shame and blame to change people. It’s not working and…

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Hosanna 1920 1279 Sarah Rennicke

What did the people think, as they saw You heading towards the Jewel City? What did they believe they would see? The survival of Your people? The placement of a…

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The Cave of Adullam

The Cave of Adullam 1920 1280 Jody Thomae

this cave, my prison this darkness, my entrapment I cannot lie here, stay here, die here here in my prison wake up, oh heart wake the dawn with your song…

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Why I Find Comfort Walking In Peter’s Footprints

Why I Find Comfort Walking In Peter’s Footprints 1920 1280 Stephanie Thompson

I can hear the voice beckoning me forward. By all Heavenly accounts, I have nothing to fear. Have I forgotten the miracles Jesus has performed in front of my eyes?…

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The Hedgerow Folk – Compass

The Hedgerow Folk – Compass 1280 914 Heidi Wheeler

THE HEDGEROW FOLK Compass Folk/Indie 2017 – 10 tracks, 50 minutes Review by Heidi Wheeler Imagine yourself on the front porch of a cabin in the Smoky Mountains. The fire…

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Spark and Steam

Spark and Steam 1280 849 Sarah Rennicke

Through the hiss of antique silver espresso machine reverberating around the high-windowed room of a downtown café, brick and mortar building, I shrug off the cold. Everything seems to sting…

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Why I Long to Run With Abandon to My God

Why I Long to Run With Abandon to My God 1920 1280 Stephanie Thompson

Arms stretched wide; a posture of surrender and vulnerability forthcoming. Not in front to push away or self protect Legs moving forward as in autopilot; I can barely feel the…

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Peter’s Epistle to Shagrath

Peter’s Epistle to Shagrath 1920 1285 Rodney Wilder

Stian— or Shagrath, rather, that corpse-painted moniker borrowed from Mordor— I wonder at the gallows you suspend around your neck. Granted, I understand little of what swathes you in the…

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Antidote to Pain

Antidote to Pain 1920 1276 Sarah Rennicke

The antidote to pain… …is praise. Slow learner that I am, my heart has soaked in a solitary sadness that fastened steel fingers around its flesh. To dwell upon the…

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Victorious Eyes Of Faith

Victorious Eyes Of Faith 1920 1280 Debbie Harris

With victorious eyes of faith, A valley becomes a place to find a lily fair. A darkened night bids us fix our eyes on the bright and morning star And thus becomes heavens stair. A trial becomes a chariot of fire to the cooling river of  life through prayer. A test becomes a stepping stone to eternal treasures unseen. A tortuous thorn becomes an eternal diadem. A heartache healed becomes a triumphant mountaintop. A failure becomes a heavenly transport Into the arms of a loving, forgiving, Father, Friend, And King. With victorious eyes of faith, Our Savior bids us rise above it all For it is with His eyes we see that The earthly weed becomes the heavenly rose And the worldly rose becomes the heavenly weed. For with victorious eyes of faith Our heightened souls Like a light filled cathedral can rise above it all. For nothing is as it seems!   “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1 (KJV)  

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Like A Deer Upon Mountainous High Ground

Like A Deer Upon Mountainous High Ground 1920 1285 Debbie Harris

Upon the craggy rock? Upon a slippery precipice? Under a shady tree? Dwellest thou in a dark and dungenous valley? Upon a turbulent sea? Upon an unexpected yet blessed mountaintop…

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I Run To Thee My Savior! I Run To Thee!!

I Run To Thee My Savior! I Run To Thee!! 1920 1280 Debbie Harris

Every day with each and every need, care, worry, fear, sin, doubt, and despair, I joyfully run to meet with Christ, my Savior. And the King of Kings joyfully delights in me being there. The Creator of the universe every single time I approach the golden throne room of  beauty and grace, lovingly, joyfully, and eagerly awaits to hear each and every prayer. Oh how our Savior delights in pursuing and forming personal relationships with each and every blood- bought Cross-delivered royal heir! And so I run to Him often with all my needs and all my cares. I escape to His endless, unconditional love. I escape to His limitless and changeless kindness. I escape to His tender compassion. I escape to His divine and ceaseless forgiveness. I escape to His mountainous gratuitous grace. I escape to His exquisite beauty. I escape to His cross-given righteousness. I escape to His omnipotent and bountiful strength. I escape to His inerrant, unchanging words of life giving truth  to see how to live soberly and righteously in this ever darkening world! And every day with each and every need, care, worry, fear, sin, doubt, and despair, every day I joyfully run to thee my God. Every minute I seek thy dove like still small voice. Every moment I run to thee my Savior. Every day, yes, every moment I run to thee. I run to thee. so that I can be sculpted by your light , love, and majestic care!…

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